boutique in whitefield

Rashmi Makhijani Issar

I have had a great experience with Shweta. She took my input that I wanted something different but not expensive and delivered a fabulous new outfit which was appreciated by all and did not mess my budget. unlike some other designers I have worked with she has a great attitude ,so easy to work with and delivers on time. Post my outfit a lot of my friends have gone to her and have had a very happy experience- would definitely recommend her!!!

Farah Tasneem

Attriante provides quality, design and style to your outfits. Shweta and her team were very forthcoming to hear my ideas and then create them into an outfit. Shweta is extremely patient and encouraging during the entire session, which makes it a very comfortable and fun experience!

I wouldn’t say that Attriante is not expensive, but I was satisfied with the money I spent and the clothes I got made. I’m definitely going back to her to get gowns and other western outfits made!


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